Life doesn’t care if you are turning 30

I think the best part of being older is knowing that you can change how you approach the next step. You can even change the staircase.


On Mindfulness and Death

I started a post on mindfulness earlier this week. It was a light topical discussion about what it means and how to achieve it. Ironically, I had developed the idea while meditating and trying to find quiet in my thoughts. I scrapped that entry. Today, I was presented with three different deaths via social media.… Continue reading On Mindfulness and Death

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I quit my part-time job. For my sanity.

Making ends meet is always a challenge. Unless, of course, you have no bills, debt, and a decent paying job. Before I got pregnant, I worked from home part-time and at a hospital full-time. It all worked fine as I would only commit about 10-15 hrs per week in addition to my 40 hr/week career.… Continue reading I quit my part-time job. For my sanity.

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I made it through…sort of.

This week I returned to work after 2.5 months of maternity leave. I negotiated this stellar deal with my department to work three days a week in the office and two from home for the first month before coming back full time. #gratitude I have spent the last 2+ months providing constant attention to a… Continue reading I made it through…sort of.

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Fear and Loathing – Ending Maternity Leave Edition

Let me start out by saying – I freaking LOVE my job! I work in a closet sized office with a window. I can work from home for an afternoon. Maybe. If I arrange it in advance. Current Synopsis My coworkers are “seasoned” and no longer play the drama games that may arise in a… Continue reading Fear and Loathing – Ending Maternity Leave Edition

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Postpartum Woes (woahs!)

I know. I know. There are tons of articles, open letters, advice columns, blog posts, etc centered around women and how their lives have done a 180 regarding babies. One doesn’t really know what to expect or how insane those changes are until they experience it for themselves. The real intense changes do not originate… Continue reading Postpartum Woes (woahs!)

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Citrus and Salt

I decided in lieu of buying and shipping overpriced gift baskets to the moms in our family this year, I would create my own at a steep discount. A “Build-a-Basket” if you will. This whole process has been incredibly exciting. Everything from purchasing decadent fair trade, non-GMO, Gluten-free, charity donation based dark chocolate bars to… Continue reading Citrus and Salt